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Here is a detailed, small part of what we do.



We produce a natural life-like whitetail deer mount. Using all of the best supplies and techniques known. Along with an artistic eye we are able to produce the highest quality whitetail shoulder mount. 


Mule deer shoulder mounts are a under appreciated species here in central Texas for most studios. Most shops mount them like a whitetail. well they are not.  With extensive research of this species of deer we process these mounts anatomically correct. I think it shows.


We have boxed pallets dropped  shipped here of dried capes and horns from time to time over the past 32 years from African safari group hunts direct from Africa after quarantine for shoulder mounts. We are heavily experienced in this area of taxidermy. It a opportunity that a lot studios do not have. We are comfortable in African taxidermy. We apply the experience we have earned to produce amazing African trophies. 

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In the last decades, Texas is blessed to have more exotic species here than any where in the world. Even more animals per species than the native land where they are from. Again, we have been fortunate to work with ranches, outfitters and guides over the last 32 years to be able to earn there business to produce the highest quality shoulder mounts. Experience is everything to make the most life like taxidermy mount.

             FISH REPLICAS


Ok, so here we are. Since I started airbrushing at such a young age, this is where we shine in an extra way. This rounds out a true experienced taxidermy studio. We use over 30 colors for a Largemouth Bass replica. Advanced painting tech and painting from photos you provide lets us produce a exact likeness of the trophy you caught and released or lost at the boat or ate. I LOVE painting fish replicas. Thousand of fish replicas under our belt. From saltwater, to warm water, to exotic species. 

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